Advantage 1

Enjoy using your ATS Recruiter

Expérience utilisateur

User-friendly experience

UX intuitive and ergonomic design

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Reconnaissance vocale

Transcript of interview Reports

Thanks to voice recognition

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Personnalisation des vues

Customised Views

Screens adapted to each user

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Prévisualisation des CV

CV preview

By simply hovering over the mouse

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Advantage 2

Recruit as a team to increase responsiveness


Flexible management of workflows

Streamlined tracking of recruitment requests

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Collaboration managers

Collaboration with Managers

1 click is enough to share a short list of candidates

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Entretien vidéo

Multiple live video interview

No download required for the candidate

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Partage des commentaires

Sharing comments

Easy interactions between Recruiters

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Advantage 3

Lower your recruitment costs

ROI jobboards

ROI analysis of the jobboards used

Thanks to our Business Intelligence (BI) module

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Matching recrutement

Exploring the CV database with Matching (IA)

With 1 click, display profiles that match with the job offer

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Recherche et sourcing

Sourcing and import of interesting profiles


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Automatisation des tâches chronophages

Automation of time-consuming tasks

Emails acknowledment receipt, for rejecting candidates and notifications for recruiters

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Advantage 4

Save valuable time with Artificial Intelligence

Parsing CV

Automatically pre-filling with candidate’s information

Parsing multilingual CVs

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Simplification des recherches

Simplified searches

By semantic search (jobs synonyms and spelling variants)

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Analyse des offres

Analysis of job vacancies and displaying of the best profiles

Through matching job vacancies & CVs

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Advantage 5

Accelerate the digital transformation of your HR process

Outils faciles à déployer

Easy to deploy tools

With the support of an experienced EOLIA Project Manager

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Parcours fluide

Easy, seamless and secure candidate pathway

From a PC, Tablet or Smartphone

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Plateforme collaborative

Collaborative platform between Managers and Recruiters

Easy, secure exchanges with traceability and GDPR compliant

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Advantage 6

Find the best talent

Exploration CVthèque

Exploring the CV database and social media searches

Thanks to the semantic search and the profile extraction tool

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Captation des meilleurs talents

Capture top talent with smart career sites

Optimisation of the candidate’s pathway and development of the attractiveness of your employer brand

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Referrals with better traceability

Using our Business Intelligence (BI) module to analyse data

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Mobilité interne

Deployment of an internal mobility site

Access to new opportunities for talent and reduce turnover

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Adavantage 7

Adapt the ATS Recruiter to your needs

Personnalisation des vues

Customisation of screens according to your work habits

All your essential information on one screen

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Support at all project advancement steps and even after!

Recommendations, scenario proposals, data recovery, interfaces…

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