Advantage 1

Digitalise your recruitment requests


Saving time to write requests

Create favorites from available templates

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Management of the validation workflow

Summary presentation of applications in progress and to be processed

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Adding Information to recruitment requests

With attachments, comments,…

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Automatisation des tâches chronophages

Notification at each key step in the recruitment process

Personalisation of email notifications

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CV anonyme

Configuration of the recruitment request form

Mandatory or optional fields with different formats

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Advantage 2

Reduce your recruitment processing time

Partage des commentaires

Effective collaboration with HR teams

Real-time sharing of profiles and related comments

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Outils faciles à déployer

Use of all EOLIA recruitment tools

Career site, internal mobility, sourcing, semantic search, matching, mulitiposting …

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Real-time information

Customisable notifications for recruiters, managers and candidates

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Share assessments on each profile

Many features: chat, voice recognition, …

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Suivi et analyse site carrière

Recruitment management

More than 60 Reports and standard statistics and design of tailor-made statistics

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Advantage 3

Enjoy a simple and intuitive ATS


Tips and good practices

“Drag/drop”, “swipe” profiles, voice recognition, …

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Collaboration managers

Collaborative recruitment tool with no need for training

Easy handling

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Parcours fluide

Working in remote mode

Accessibility from a PC, Tablet or Smartphone

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Advantage 4

Customise your recruitment process


According to the role of each Manager

Short list or transfer of all applications

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Gestion des candidatures

Selection of steps according to the positions to be filled

Test, validation, rejection,…

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Advantage 5

Strengthen GRPD compliance

Plateforme collaborative

Collaborative Recruitment Tool

Traceability of access to personal data

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Picto ast manager sécurité

EOLIA Software

Hosting, Business Recovery Plan (PRA) in France with a high level of security

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