Advantage 1

Use more than 60 standard reports

Analyses statistiques : ROI

Calculate Return on Investment (ROI) of Media Purchases

Sourcing, job boards, social networks, CV database, …

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ROI jobboards

Assessment of recruitment delays

By agency, recruiter, position, …

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Collaboration managers

Management of team activity

Recruiter’s performance and overall view

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Suivi et analyse site carrière

Key figures on recruitment

Conversion rate, pipeline candidate, …

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Site carrière : vitesse site internet

Weekly HR indicators to drive activities

New applications, published ads, short-list, …

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Bénéfice 2

Build your own analyses

Site carrière : visibilité marque

Tailor-made statistical analyses

Pivot tables with multiple universes

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Site carrière : contenus

Standard exploitation of customised criteria

In the Business Intelligence (BI) tool

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Analyses statistiques : exportation

Statistical extraction in CSV format

Excel Export

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