Secure the implementation of your recruitment project

Whether you are recruiting for your business or for your customers, choosing the best ATS system requires you to consider a few points:

  • Workflow : determining the recruitment steps of your company, according to its specificities
  • Interfaces : connecting the ATS to external solutions (multiposting, temporary work management software, availability of candidates, delayed video, personality tests, CRM, marketing automation, etc.)
  • Integration into your HRIS: linking the ATS to your information system to avoid a double entry of information
  • Data recovery: evaluating what needs to be kept or not (candidates’ data, attachments, record of exchanges, information on the positions, customers, etc.). The change of an ATS is an important and often sensitive subject that must be treated with a rigorous methodology
  • Data security: checking that the selected ATS system guarantees optimal security rules (data hosting, Business Recovery Plan, data backup over a sliding period, etc.)
  • Features and Ergonomics: Evaluating the different recruitment solutions on the market to determine the most relevant one depending on your needs
  • Budget: defining the criteria on which the price of the product is based (number of licenses, specific features, implementation costs, data recovery, etc.)
  • Schedule: dividing the project into different batches according to your implementation goals
  • Deployment and change management: taking into account this important dimension of the project

From your specifications to the full implementation of a recruitment solution, we accompany you throughout your recruitment project. EOLIA Software strives to be by your side in the long term to build the best ATS software suitable for your company.

Long-term support

We are convinced that the best technological solutions must be accompanied by extensive human expertise. That’s why we have a team of experts to provide you with a unique know-how. At EOLIA Software, a team is entirely dedicated to follow you in all phases of advancement. This project organisation guarantees you the best deployment of your ATS software and the success of your objectives.

From the start of the recruitment project, the creation of multidisciplinary teams, on both sides, is essential in order to optimise a collaboration based on the Agile methodology. After the implementation of your ATS software, EOLIA Software continues to support you on a daily basis in all your evolutions: organisational changes, processes, innovations, etc.

1. Personalised relationship

To accompany you in all phases of your project’s progress and even after its deployment, a project manager is entirely dedicated to you from the start. This personalised relationship facilitates the conduct of the various stages but also the management of your ATS software on a daily basis.

Building trust throughout the relationship with each of our clients

2. Analysis

To start the operational management of the project, it is necessary to understand your stakes and the functioning of your organisation, but also to assess the size of the project. This step makes it possible to establish a schedule in relation to the goals to be achieved by focusing on the essential elements, without forgetting the details.

Taking time at this stage will save you time 

3. Configuration

First, it is recommended to make a simple configuration and then to enrich it according to the usages and evolutions of your company thanks to the many features available in the ATS.

Look for simplicity at the outset and then complete the configuration according to your use 

4. Verification et Adjustment

This verification step allows optimal use of the ATS:

  • Quickly giving access to the ATS to monitor the implementation of the project and allow your company to validate the configuration choices but also to make the necessary adjustments
  • Establishing a data recovery plan by formalising a specification
  • Deploying a career site and/or an internal mobility site
  • Testing interfaces with other information systems

Working in Agile mode increases efficiency

5. Training

The deployment scenario is designed jointly as well as the training materials adapted to your company: documentations, webinars, tutorials, etc. Dedicated trainers can act as a relay within your teams.

In addition, we have tools to monitor the use of the ATS on a daily basis for a better ownership.

Adapting the training scenario to your organisation

6. Ongoing support

After the launch, a regular project follow-up is put in place to jointly assess the handling of the EOLIA ATS by your teams in order to make adjustments if necessary.

If the project has been divided into several batches, then the implementation continues with deliveries and a controlled schedule.

Maintaining regular monitoring and proximity

7. Customer Support

EOLIA Software provides you with a support team, available by mail and telephone, to give you answers on a daily basis to any questions you may have.

The constant support of a competent and responsive Customer Support team

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