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How did EOLIA Software assist ByMyCar in the deployment of its ATS?

The BYmyCAR Group represents 18 car brands within 90 dealerships in France and Switzerland. With more than 80,000 vehicles sold each year, BYmyCAR is the leading French automotive retailing group.

Aware that the Group’s performance depends on the satisfaction and commitment of its 3,000 employees, Human Resources management is a major challenge. One of the concerns was the digitalisation of recruitment processes with the integration of an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) software adapted to internal operations.

Following the integration of ATS software into BymyCar, Claire Cochet, Head of Human Resources Development, and Internal Communication, spoke to us about the needs and use of the application by the Group.

After defining the scope of the project, EOLIA Software worked on the progressive deployment of the ATS software with the support of a team determined on the customer’s side to manage progress. This functioning has led to a better adoption of the system by the Group’s various dealerships.

In addition, everyone’s roles and responsibilities in the recruitment process have been reviewed: HRs define the need for recruitment, write the job ads and post them. Then, managers take over the management and follow-up of applications.

In the end, the 200 managers are completely involved in the recruitment process, especially with the use of the Manager portal. This collaborative tool of the ATS EOLIA simplifies exchanges between HRs and managers. All have direct access to the applications received during the screening step, which strengthens the efficiency, optimises the exchanges at every step of the recruitment process but also guarantees the security of the shared data. Access to the application from a computer or smartphone facilitates internal use.