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Why did the VIVERIS group choose to work with EOLIA Software?

VIVERIS is an IT services company that assists companies in their digital transformation, around 4 complementary lines of businesses:

  • infrastructure,
  • information systems,
  • scientific and technical IT,
  • embedded systems.

To meet the recruitment needs of its clients, VIVERIS used the expertise of EOLIA Software to implement a recruitment solution adapted to its challenges. Recruitment is indeed a strategic activity for the company. The purpose of implementing an ATS software is to increase efficiency and productivity but also to facilitate the processing of personal data with the GDPR regulations.

Philippe Robert, Sales Director of the VIVERIS group, came back to us about the need of his teams and the use of the EOLIA application with some advice.

What support?

After defining the scope of the project, EOLIA Software worked on the deployment of the ATS software to help and simplify the management and tracking of applications, exchanges between departments as well as the reliability and traceability of information.

The implementation of the ATS software with the HR, sales and line managers teams made possible the centralisation of all the data in a single storage location. This simplified management of information has therefore facilitated the collaborative work of the teams who use it daily to process recruitment assignments.

After the implementation, EOLIA Software guided the employees in handling the tool, training the teams in place, but also the new recruits who arrive in the organisation. Today, the EOLIA application is used daily by 50 people within VIVERIS.

What are the pros of EOLIA Software recruitment software?

The EOLIA project team has built on what already existed to develop a recruitment tool adapted to VIVERIS recruitment processes. Indeed, EOLIA Software proposed a solution that met all the criteria of the company.

In addition, the ATS software has been interfaced with external solutions already implemented, including the CRM. Thus, the flexibility of the tool has made it possible to support VIVERIS according to its expectations and its needs for evolution.

As a result, VIVERIS has tripled the number of applications and ads on the various job boards.